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SSL not working in IIS

By Jesse | September 9, 2008

If you have recently moved an IIS server to another IP, you will sometimes find SSL sometimes no longer works.  This is because IIS does not always correctly update its configuration files.

If you go to properties on an IIS site, you will see what IP the site is currently using (such as all unassigned) and what ports the server is listening on (such as 80 and 443) …

Even if these settings are correct, you should click on the advanced button next to ip address and make sure the ip address and port settings are correct for both regular http and ssl.  I recently had an issue on a server where the main page looked perfect, but IIS has failed to correctly update the IP Address for the ssl section meaning it no longer served https requests for the site.

In addition, another useful tool for diagnosing port / ip issues within iis is netstat.  If you run netstat -a from the command prompt, you will see all ports and IP’s the server is listening on and what service is using the port.   It can help you diagnose what is happening if a particular service fails to bind properly.

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