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Unified Messaging for Digital Phone Sytems

By Jesse | December 11, 2008

We recently had a need for a unified messaging solution for someone with a digital phone system.   For those unfamiliar with Unified Messaging, voicemails left are recorded as .wav files and delivered to the recipient as emails.   This way all communications are unified in outlook; A one stop shop for all communications.  This is a great solution for things like a sales line as it means that incoming sales voicemails can be emailed to the entire sales group instead of just being left for one user.

In order to solve this problem we employed a company called Aptela, located in Herndon VA.  We used the company’s services to setup a call tree.   We then had it ring the sales phone number, and if no one answered, the Aptela service would take a message and email it.   This solved the problem and allowed us to merge some very nice VoIP/Unified messaging features with pre-existing digital phone equipment.   It provides a great middle step for companies who are switching to a VoIP solution or want some VoIP features such as Unified Messaging for their existing Digital Phone equipment.

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