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HOWTO: Getting Group Policy Updates to External Users

By Jesse | January 19, 2009

I recently had an issue where I needed to get an external user joined back to the domain even though the users was outside the network.  This can be a challenging task if you dont know the trick.

The trick to getting an external computer to join an internal network is the switch user button.

  1. First, have the user login to the local admin account.
  2. After the user has logged in, have him connect to the company VPN.  The computer is now joined to the internal company network as if he were anyone else in the office.
  3. If you need to join the computer to the domain, you can now follow the standard steps in computer properties to join the doman.  Then reboot and repeat process (steps 1-2).
  4. After the computer is joined to the doman, or if you’re just trying to get him to login with a domain account, now have him hit switch user, and login to his domain account.  As long as the vpn connection is still active, you should be able to login to the the domain account and also get new group policy settings pushed to the machine.

Once the the user has logged into the domain once, he should not need to vpn in again to login a second time as his domain credentials will now be cached on the machine.   You now have a remote profile for this user that uses the Corporate Domain.

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