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Dont buy a Dell Desktop!!!

By Jesse | March 10, 2009

Just wanted to give our best practices for hardware.   This is not necessarily the only solution, but it is definitely what has worked well for us in the past.

If you’re are at all technical, dont EVER EVER buy a Dell desktop.   If you are an end user who is not technical then you’re probably fine with Dell.. But if you ever need any form of truly technical tech support.. Give up now.. Don’t ever bother to start… The chance that the support rep in who-knows-where-istan can help you is zero.   We completely understand the need to outsource and see it as a valuable tool.. But outsourced support no matter where it is.. Whether India, or the United States, or Britain can never be as good as internal support from a knowledge level perspective.  In addition Dell’s main support center is in India which adds a language barrier to the equation.  It’s hard enough getting a 1st level support rep to understand that you need information about a specific chipset, but now one has to do it to someone who does not have Technical English as their first language.  Spyware removal? yes, they do that very well.. But need to know where to get drivers for a different OS than shipped with the system or heaven forbid a 64-bit OS forget about it.. Go ask your cat….

Yes..Instead of calling Dell if you have a problem, instead ask your cat for the answer.  You’ll get your answer more quickly this way.   What’s that you say? Don’t have a cat?  Go home tonight and open your fridge, see any vegetables?  ask them.. Same deal. You’ll get your answer quicker this way and you’ll keep your blood pressure down to boot.  Now we jest a bit, but we are serious about the level of technical knowledge- If you expect to ask them questions regarding the chipset on the motherboard, the processors that can fit the board, or adding things that they cant pull up in their relatively limited support database you will spend HOURS and HOURS on the phone getting nowhere.  In addition they don’t listen very well and will repeatedly try to convince you you actually have the OS the machine shipped with even if you have already told them you refomatted it with something else…

We do however, recommend Dell Servers.  Dell Servers are GREAT.  They are the premium workhorse server we recommend to all our clients.   They hardly ever break, the support is actually good and they get the job done every time.

So that said, what do we recommend for Desktops.  Our current favorite is HP.  Again for a similar reason that we like Dell servers.  They tend to run like champs.  And in terms of support they’re pretty knowledgeable.

For laptops we recommend Lenovo.. Why? Three reasons.. Knowledgeable support staff.. Phenominal unbelievable outstanding and amazing repair support (Get the box on Monday and you will almost always have it back, fixed, by Wednesday.) .. And the final reason:   Thinkvantage update manager.   Wow.. Finally a company that has a smart product.   Reformat a machine, get the network driver, install the update manager from lenovo and two clicks or so later you have all the right drivers regardless of the OS.  Not the original OS? no problem.. Lenovo’s got you covered.   Wow.. need I say more.

So in an end wrap up get:

Lenovo Laptops, HP desktops, Dell Servers and Cisco Switch equipment — You’ll have a rock solid computing foundation to build on and are very likely to be happy with your choices.

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