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Windows 7 New Features

By Jesse | May 29, 2009

Thought I would discuss windows 7 a bit since we’ve been running it here on a laptop for about a month now, and also word on the street seems to be that many companies will skip over vista and will upgrade production from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7.

The first thing we noticed is that it’s very “vista” like.   It has many of the enhancements that vista offered but with much less UAC, and a few things in different locations.

for those of you that like to be able to see all your apps running at the bottom, Microsoft has finally come up with a great compromise and now, when you mouse-over each application in the task bar, it pops up a thumbnail list of every screen in the group.

(see the example below from the microsoft website)

This means that you now can see exactly what you have open with out all the clutter.

In addition, they no longer seem to have the quickstart toolbar.   Instead, you can now pin applications directly to your taskbar which acts like the quickstart bar.  The only thing we didnt like about this is the applications arent grouped, so if you have 5 things pinned to the taskbar and you then open the 2nd and 4th ones, you now have icons scattered in between your running applications down at the taskbar.

We also liked the fact that all the drivers on the Lenovo laptop we used were picked up on the first go around- Very nice to not have to go driver hunting any more.  Gone are the Windows XP days of having to spend 1 hour or more rebuilding your system after reformatting.  We did however have a few issues with getting network printers to work, and as of this posting, we still have not gotten duplex working on our duplex network printer.   At this point we’re chalking it up to a RC bug due to unsupported drivers and will see if it improves once the product is fully released.

They also goosed up the network features… you can now connect to the VPN in 2 clicks right from the task bar which is nice.. and connecting to a wireless network no longer requires going to the network card or the network and sharing center.. you can now click on the network icon in the taskbar, then click the handy little connect button.

I’ll link to part 2 as soon as it’s up.. but for now, here the link on MS to the new features in W7.

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