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Why to use Google adwords and not Bing: Bing is stealing google results.

By Jesse | February 1, 2011

Honestly I cant say I’m surprised that Microsoft has sunk as low as stealing results- as it it hard to compete when you are #2. But as an IT Professional, behaviour like this from a company that’s trying to win my business is not appropriate.

In addition it underscores the reason never to use toolbars as you never know what the developers are really spying on- and Even companies like microsoft use their toolbar to watch what you’re doing.

Perhaps we net denizens can help fight practices like this by supporting honest companies and showing our disapproval for those who are not.

I found it interesting that they’re not sure whether Microsoft has done anything illegal as there is no damage. Honestly I disagree- Bing increases their seach engine use by improving their search results (as a direct result of google’s IP). That loss of search volume on google directly impacts their adwords revenue. Which is a direct cost to google for what Microsoft has done.

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