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How to add a server to an ADRMS cluster with no SCP

By Jesse | October 24, 2011

A while back, we had to add a server to an AD RMS cluster that did not have a Service Connection point…  The problem here is that the “Add server to existing cluster” option is GRAYED OUT!   This means that no SCP is kind of a show-stopper as you can’t actually select the option you need to continue.

This can be done.  You do not need the SCP to add the server to the cluster.   The solution is to add the registry value below to the new server:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\DRMS\GICURL (stringvalue)  = http(s)://adrmsservername/_wmcs/Certification/Certification.asmx

However, the standard rules apply.  You must have Local admin rights on the SQL box etc. so that you can do the remote registry call to get the SQL Server instances…   Anywho .. hope this helps someone….

I didn’t find a lot of documentation on adding a second AD RMS server to a cluster when there is no SCP.


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