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Jesse Vaughan is the owner of Blackhawk consulting, an IT firm based in Washington, DC. With over 10 years of IT experience, Jesse has expert level knowlege in:

After graduating from college in 2000, Jesse went on to become IT Manager at Market Insight, a small Medical Market Research company in State College PA. While working at Market Insight, Jesse migrated the servers from Novell Netware 3.12 to Linux, saving the company thousands of dollars.

After leaving State College, Jesse moved to the washington, DC metro area where he worked as IT Director in the Gibbs division of Career Education Corporation. He managed a major metropolitan campus supporting almost 1000 users, 15 servers, and over two terabytes of data. While working as IT Director, he uncovered a major network vulnerability that affected almost the entire career education network spanning 80 campuses worldwide.

Currently, Jesse works as IT Director for GigaTrust Corporation, the premiere rights management services company working with Microsoft to extend the Microsoft rights management into the business world. Jesse is head of the internal infrastructure (datacenter and headquarters) and technical support departments and also functions as a senior engineer / consultant to support sales engineers for pre-sales engagements with customers.

In 2008, Jesse started Blackhawk Consulting. An IT firm specializing in remote IT services (servicing the national and international community), and on-site consulting in the DC meto area. The goal of Blackhawk consulting was to provide high quality IT services at an affordable price. At Backhawk consulting we can provide:

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